17 de março de 2008


I found that people can to be who ’em wants.
But they will never feel pleasure;
I don't feel pleasure. Guess my desires are insignificant.
World is fool. And all my life been a fat lie, now;
I don't care too much..

My soul is falling .I just want to be at your side.
When everything is just right and I feel good;
‘Cause now I don't have sight;
I lost my control. I’m out of wit.Why I’ve felt so sick?
I need power, don't matter me keep living this game

Am I being insane? You cannot disagree, in fact.
What you're doing right now?Give me anything to make me feel alive;
Can someone come over here, and tell me the secret to
Forget all my problems?

Or anything to make me feel pleasure;
You know, I'm not pleasure.

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